Our Juices

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We’ve been spending all our time up to now making apple juice, and we think we’ve made a pretty good job of it. We use apples from local sources whenever we can, which means we often rely on being given apples by people who know us (that could be you; get in touch if you have apples you think we can use).

Because of this each batch of juice that we make may taste slightly different from the previous batch, so we try to help you with your selection by adding information to the bottle on a small round label.

We pasteurise our juices to kill harmful bacteria and to prolong the shelf life. If we didn’t do this the juice would have gone off by the time it reached the shops. The big advantage, apart from protecting you from harm, is that you can keep the juice all year round – great if you want us to juice your own apples and we make lots of bottles for you!

We are currently trying out different combinations for our Apple & Pear juice and it should be on sale very soon. We hope to follow this up with Apple & Beetroot juice and Apple & Carrot juice, so keep a look out in the shops and check back here to follow our progress! (Check out our Twitter feed)

Why is our apple juice golden brown, when other juices are lighter in colour?

Our juices are 100% pure juice.

No preservatives, colouring or additives of any sort are used, just lots of lovely apples. Many apple juices have an antioxidant added in the form of ascorbic acid to stop the juice going brown, but not ours - that’s why it’s a golden colour (it’s juice the way it should be).

Apple Juice Nutritional Information, typical values per 100ml:

Energy 191kJ/45kcal;
Protein 0.2g;
Carbohydrate 10.7g;
Fat 0g; Fibre 0.7g;
Vitamin C 25mg

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