About us

The business is run by Simon Layfield with help from his wife Lisa. Simon decided to set up the High Peak Juice Co. after 20 years in teaching. Simon is determined that as well as being commercially viable the business should be sustainable and community-centred.

We like to work with community orchards, schools, the Scouts and other community groups to make juice with their fruit, so that they can use their juice to raise funds.

We began by making different varieties of apple juice to appeal to different tastes, and we have plans to increase the range (see our juices for more info). We sell the juice at farmers markets around the region as well as through a number of independent outlets. See the find our juices link to see where you can buy it.


We like to use the ‘ugly’ or ‘knobbly’ fruit that most shops won’t sell. It’s every bit as nutritious as the pretty, round fruit and has an inner beauty, which helps to develop your inner beauty (see health benefits).

Local pig farmers use the pulp that we produce in the pressing process to feed their pigs, so we don’t have any waste. We even recycle the water that we use during the pressing process.

We are trying to reduce the amount of waste wherever we can, so we are trying to encourage bottle re-use. See Our Bottles below.


We use local fruit whenever we can get our hands on it (get in touch if you have fruit that we can use), reducing the amount of fruit that goes to waste in the area and also reducing the distance that food has to travel.

We only sell our juice through local retail outlets or at farmers markets. We want to support local independent businesses whenever we can. To see where you can find our juice, click on the link.

Our Bottles

Simon LayfieldWe decided to use glass bottles because they can be re-used over and over again by you, and they can be readily recycled (more easily than plastics, which are harder to separate).

To encourage re-use we are talking to retailers to ask them to give you money back if you return your bottles to them, and they give the bottles back to us. This saves YOU money and also saves US money. Most importantly it reduces the number of bottles that need to be produced.

If you want your apples juiced by us you can save money by giving us clean screw top bottles (like wine bottles) so we don’t have to charge you for using our own bottles.